Systemic Racism: White Jokes

So with all this talk about systemic racism and how Brock Turner had his court sentencing lenient because of his white male socioeconomic privilege, it leads me to talk about how systemic racism works when regarding racist jokes. I believe the concept of white privilege and systemic racism exists but many times, it doesn’t apply depending on the situation and I think it can often be abused and overused. Where it for sure does apply, however, is when the matter concerns racist jokes. My white friend once told me, “There are white jokes but it’s really only jokes that uplift white people.” He’s right. There are barely any jokes that demean white people as a whole. You can search the internet and there will be scores of racist jokes for  “dog-eating, bad driving, funny-accent having” Asians,  “illegal, gang-affiliated” Hispanics, “thieving, loud, ghetto” Blacks, etc. But when it comes to white people jokes, they reach farthest to the extent of “Why do aspirins work? Because they’re white.”See, that’s so uplifting and demeans other minorities at the same time. There is also hillbilly jokes but even then, they play off the satirical character of an ignorant white person from Alabama who hates black people and sleeps with his cousin. But you see, that stereotype is rooted in hatred for people of color. Prove me wrong with a hilarious joke, but I highly believe that racist jokes perfectly fit the framework of systemic racism.
I think I felt the urge to share this because as many people know, I am addicted to puns and I love jokes and comedy in all forms and I often debate whether systemic racism applies in certain situations.


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