Cinco De Mayo- Media vs Real Life

Happy Cinco De Mayo, Everyone!!!! As a person who isn’t a part of the Mexican culture, I will briefly blog my thoughts as to what my perceptions are. As far as my academic experience goes when exploring my perceptions of the holiday, I know the holiday is about Mexico’s independence from France. This furthers me to wonder, though, what are  juxtapositions on how American media celebrates it versus how it is really celebrated by those who live, eat, and breathe the culture. Of course, everyone is their own individual but as a collective, there must be some sort of idea/picture that is similar across the board for those apart of the culture. Just like Chinese New Year, America seems to have the idea that Chinese New Year is about emphasizing horoscopes with art paved in Chinese characters, Panda express commercials, an orange for dessert, and red dragons. Even though I am ethnically Chinese, I am not Chinese (culturally). So I, too, would not consider that I have a firm grasp as to how it is celebrated. Cambodian New Year, though? Well.. American media doesn’t really discuss Cambodia unless Angelina Jolie is bringing it up. So let’s wait for that in the future!


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