From a Cambodian: Thanks Kent State

What’s quoted below is the textual component of my post to Khmerican back in 2014. It was relevant when the shootings took place and relevant today. The Cambodian Genocide is often overlooked in the high school history books and for some reason, I never heard mention of the Kent State Shootings. The two strongly connect and for that reason, I think that is why I was never taught about Kent State in high school. Is it safe to say that Kent State is kept under the water in history books much like Nixon’s decision to bomb Cambodia is?  Many protested across universities in the States. I always wonder what could have been had the protests (including Kent State) went in the favor of the student protesters. How much would it have lessened the chances of Cambodia falling to Pol Pot? As a Cambodian American, I will always be thankful for these Kent State students at the time along with the hundreds of other students who protested across college campuses in 1970. The Vietnam War was a tragic time for both the States and Cambodia. #RememberKentState

From May 4, 2014:

“By Sidrich Savang Chhour

Today marks the 44th anniversary of the Kent State Massacre. This was an event in history where 4 unarmed students were shot and killed by the Ohio National Guard. Kent State students along with many other students around the country held protests against Operation Menu, a codename for the bombings of Eastern Cambodia that lasted from March 18, 1969 until May 26, 1970. Despite the protests ending unsuccessfully with Nixon ultimately carrying out the bombings, Khmerican takes time to commemorate those who died for trying to prevent the bombings of Cambodia.”



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